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GHOUL SCOUT ZOMBIE MASSACRE is a horror/comedy B-movie spoof of grindhouse/exploitation flicks, late-night Cinemax sex comedies, and George Romero-style zombie movies.

The story begins at a “Women’s Reform School” in Wormwood, New Jersey, where the sadistic Warden Cassandra Bush rules over our heroines Liza Wonder,  Linda Lovelocks,  Sherri Fulcrum, and Wendy Powers.   Tension runs high between cellmates Liza (an ex-stewardess) and Linda (an ex-college cheerleader.)

Meanwhile, Warden Bush is secretly plotting with her mad scientist brother, Dr. Irwin Klaw, a local mad scientist and producer of gay smut films.   Dr. Klaw has developed a serum that will make him never have to pay his actors again.  Anyone who consumes the serum will be turned into Klaw’s lobotomized sex slave.   The doctor needs a way to distribute the serum to attractive young rocker boys.   He asks Warden Bush to enlist some of the Reform School women to help.

Under Warden Bush’s training, Liza, Linda, Sherri and Wendy are transformed into Ghoul Scouts.   Little do they know that the boxes of cookies they are selling are infused with Dr. Klaw’s serum.

While going door to door, the girls Mickey Mayhem, Bill Firewire and the other members of a local band, The Vampire Godzillas.   Romances start between the Ghoul Scouts and the rocker boys, but complications are bound to happen when the boys eat the Ghoul Scout cookies.

Dr. Klaw’s plan goes horribly wrong when instead of turning people into zombie-like sex slaves, the  cookies turn them into actual zombies:  undead ghouls with a taste for human brains and flesh.

The zombie plague rapidly spreads through the hipster population of Wormwood, transforming the crowds at clubs, coffee shops, and record stores into rotting, ravenous walking corpses.

Can Liza and Mickey’s love withstand the zombie apocalypse? Will vegan restaurants in Wormwood stay in business now that their customers have been transformed into brain-craving ghouls?
Who will be eaten next?  Find out the answers in GHOUL SCOUT ZOMBIE MASSACRE.

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